Best Places To Find Rare Nickels

Coin collectors know that shield nickels are great finds, and any collector who knows his stuff would probably spend his entire coin collecting life pursuing one of these coins if he has not found one yet. Shield nickels were produced from 1866 to 1883 and were the first of the denomination to depart from the 90% silver composition that prior coins had. Rather the composition consisted of a copper and nickel combination, which¬† occurred after silver came in short supply at the end of the Civil War. The Shield nickel also holds the distinction as one of the first coin series to carry the motto “In God We Trust.”

For certain issues of the series, collectors can take years to find one in high grade and with exceptional attributes. Finding a nickel minted in the rare years would mean paying a hefty price for it, especially if it is rated with a higher grade. One of the best places to find Shield Nickels is eBay, but you can also find mint coins on Etsy, Most Popular Collectibles at Auction, and other sites that offer unconventional items for sale.

Collectors who are not too meticulous about their specimens have better luck finding Shield nickels in the lower grades. These specimens typically go for 10$-25$ on eBay.

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