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Beautiful Designs On Seated Liberty Dimes

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Coin collectors are very interested in Seated Liberty dimes because they are no longer in production and because of the beautiful designs that were used to make them. The dimes were designed in the year 1837, but they changed somewhat by the next year. Because of these changes, there are very different copies of the dimes that can be found. All have the same basic idea behind them, but the different designs mark separate sub-series. Coin collectors are often interested in getting the whole set.

The center of the design features Liberty in a sitting position, and this is where the dime gets its name. Liberty is not sitting on a chair, but on a rock. This is important symbolism because it shows the strength of the country and of the idea of liberty in general. It also relates back to Plymouth Rock, which is a very important site in American history. In her hands, Liberty is holding a staff and a shield. On the face of the shield, the word “Liberty” has been inscribed.

In the first editions of these coins, there were not any stars. They were added in the second edition. A row of them move over the head of Liberty, circling the outside edge of the dime. The obvious connection here is to the flag of the United States of America. The year that the dime was minted is engraved below Liberty and the rock, on the opposite edge, and so there are no stars on that side.