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Looking for a New Collecting Challenge?

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Certain series within the history of United States coinage tend to be more popular with collectors. Typically, the larger sized coins such as silver dollars will have a significant following. There is something special about the heft and size of the coins which lends to greater satisfaction and appreciation when handling. Other popular series include the commemorative coins, which include a multitude of different designs. Rather than seeing the same design with a different date, each coin is distinct in purpose and history, lending to a rich collecting experience.

Due to the concept of supply and demand, these heavily collected series may have price points which are comparatively higher than other less collected series. In many cases, the less popular series may represent outright bargains.


Rather than pursuing the same series as so many others, why not try a new collecting challenge? A great series to consider is the Barber Dime. This is among the smallest sized US coin series and has a design viewed by many as unappealing. The series is typically overshadowed by the following Mercury Dime series, which has a wide collector base.

The Barber Dimes were struck for a period of 25 years from 1892 to 1916. During this time, production would take place at four different mint facilities, leading to a total number of 74 different issues for a complete set. While mintages often stretch well into the millions, the number of surviving gem mint state specimens is surprisingly low.

While it can present a genuine challenge to assemble a collection in higher grades, the prices are relatively affordable. This is especially true when compared to the more popular series. Over time, the series may present rewards as more come to realize the challenge and appeal of this classic United States coin series.