Collecting Presidential Dollars And Other Coins

From 1999 to 2008, the State Quarters Program inspired many members of the public to become coin collectors, diligently putting aside one or more quarters with designs representing each of the fifty states. Drawing on a similar concept, the Presidential Dollars Program was launched in 2007. The series will feature all of the former Presidents of the United States, with new coins released at a rate of four per year in the order served.

These are meant to remember the history of the country and the executive office over the past 200 years.  Just like the quarters, each dollar coin will contain the face of every president.  This process began in 2007 and will continue through at least 2016.


A big decision for the Presidential coins was the low success of older models.  Other dollar coins have enjoyed low levels of success.  They seemed to reach a smaller audience than the quarters and were used less frequently.  One major reason the continued presence of the paper $1 bill, which consumers have opted to use.

Even though these dollar coins may not be as widely used as the state quarters, they have attracted a similar collecting base. Many people have diligently put aside coins representing each Presidency. A popular method of collecting large quantities has been to put aside Presidential Dollar Rolls for each release of the series. The rolls typically contain 25 uncirculated examples of the coin in a wrapper or container. How many collectors will see the series through to its conclusion? And what collecting challenge will present itself next?

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