A Varied and Educational Numismatic Product

The United States Mint is constantly experimenting with new formats for offering their numismatic products. Oftentimes this has been a recombination of disparate coins into a new type of “prestige” or “limited edition” set. In other cases, the coins have been brought together with a diverse assortment of educational materials from a variety of sources.


One such product type that has been offered on four separate occasions is referred to as the Coin and Chronicles Set. These sets have typically contained one or more coins together with educational materials relevant to the subject of the coin. These sets for the more popular subjects have often proven extremely popular with the public, achieving rapid sell outs.

Some of the materials included in these special sets have included intaglio prints from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing or special versions of medals produced by the United States Mint. The first set included a booklet prepared by the Supreme Court Historical Society, and the second contained a reproduction of a book published by the government printing office. Finally, United States Postal Service stamps have appeared within the sets.

For the first three times these sets were offered, a maximum product limit of 50,000 units had been established. Two out of the three sets had achieved a sell out. The most notable was for the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set which managed to sell out in less than a week, despite an ordering limit of one per household.

Most recently, the Theodore Roosevelt Set was offered without a product limit. Sales have been slower, perhaps due to a long delayed shipping date. These sets contain a .999 fine version of the Roosevelt Presidential Medal.

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